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“Me, settle down? No way, professor. But, if you want the best night of your life, I’m right next door.”
Landon Smith has a problem. He’s socially awkward, prefers coding over cocktails, and occasionally wears mismatched socks. His life is full, working as an adjunct professor at the local college, and volunteering as a tutor for underprivileged youths. Then his worst nightmare moves in next door to him, a macho ex-marine who just won’t leave him alone. They have nothing in common until the brawny man begs Landon to tutor him. He agrees, but only after Angel promises to keep his paws to himself.

Angel Perez is the devil, or at least that’s what Landon thinks. But, there’s something about how he fills his skin-tight jeans that Landon can’t get out of his head. And to make matters worse, he’s feeling emotions he never has before. The domineering man is determined to claim Landon, who is terrified of giving in to his urges.

Confession time. The authors are wild about tropes, especially opposites attract. So what’s hotter than a geeky professor falling for a hunky ex-military guy? Nothing. Making it Sizzle is the third book in the Making It Series. Oh, and you might need oven mitts to hold your ereader, it’s that freaking hot.
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