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Angel In Armani ebook (PRE-ORDER) (The New York Saints Book 2)

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Please note: this is a PRE-ORDER! You will receive your files on release day which is currently expected to be April 13 2024.

She’s on her last strike and he’s the wrong guy to save her

Sara Charles knows the odds are against her. Her dad is injured, Charles Air is down to just one helicopter, and there’s only her to save her family. So when part-owner of the New York Saints, billionaire surgeon Lucas Angelo books a flight, she’s determined to make a good impression. He’s distractingly gorgeous, but absolutely out of her league even if she didn’t have to keep things professional. But when a storm turns their flight to a disaster and they wind up in the last motel room in town, she figures he’ll never hire her again anyway, so she takes a chance on just one night with the hottest man she’s ever met.

He's always in control but she’s the fastball he never saw coming


Lucas Angelo doesn’t make rash decisions. A surgeon needs a cool head, and he always keeps his. Until Sara Charles seduces him and then vanishes in the morning. He should be furious and even if he wasn’t, he has no time for romance between the Saints’ spring training schedule and his own practice. But he just can’t forget that night. When he hunts her down to offer her a job as his personal pilot, she’s understandably wary but takes the job on the condition it’s strictly business. But he knows what he wants and, when it comes to the business of winning her heart, he knows how to pitch a perfect game. 

Angel in Armani is the second book in the New York Saints series, a steamy sports romance series. This series has billionaires, baseball, strong heroines, team drama, the occasional cute pet, and sexy times. Enjoy!

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You will get a PDF (314KB) file