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Ebook version of ALIEN.

532 Pages


Building a spaceship
Out of muddy leaves
Is so much easier
an love.
‘I like your shorts’ I say and mean
that I like you.
'They’re pink'
You frown
‘I know’
I say.

Where is this spaceship now
When you and I are lost
and haven’t found
The happiness that years had promised
Just when I breathe
when no one does
And you only breathe
when you’re alone.
But time
keeps pouring over us
like midnight rain
healing the wounds that were
And ripping new ones
Into a piece of paper
Stained with ink.

Just listen,
Only you can hear
How through the thickest stone
My words
Became a sound
In an eternity of silence
And I can see
how you
My love
Transcended sotly
into a dream
I never thought
I’d have.

100% of proceedings from this ebook will be used to support the hardcover production and the work of LGBTQIA artists.

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