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The Jasmine Sneeze

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Written and illustrated by NADINE KAADAN

Haroun, the cat, likes nothing better than to spend his days sleeping in the sunlit courtyards of Damascus. Yet one thing always ruins his sleep: jasmine! The sweet-scented flowers send him into fits of sneezes! One day, Haroun hatches a plan to fix the problem, but little does he know that the Jasmine Spirit has a trick or two up her sleeve… A sweet and entertaining story by award-winning Syrian author-illustrator, Nadine Kaadan, that sheds a welcome light onto Syria’s long and proud cultural heritage in a period of history marred by war.

Age: 3-6
Length: 32 pages
Genre: Picture book

'Great for reading out loud, and not a bad choice for multicultural reading.' – Booklist

'An amiable folktale set in Syria and suitable for one-on-one and small group sharing.' – School Library Journal
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