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This book integrates into a cohesive whole several of my best articles that were originally published as blog post essays.  In the process of integration many changes have been made, including revisions of each essay, adding transitions from essay to essay and adding many additional images.  The book starts with a discussion of mystery and why mystery is the driving force in the creation of compelling photographic images.  Next we discuss sources of inspiration and how we can rekindle some of the original energy that we felt early in our photographic journey in our original encounters with mysterious nature.  The progression is from external to internal sources of inspiration.  Next we discuss three of the world's wisdom traditions, why these traditions are relevant today, and how they can provide some guidance and inspiration to move us forward in our creative development as nature and landscape photographers.  The three traditions we will discuss are Taoism, Zen, and the American Transcendentalism of Thoreau.  This ebook is 250 pages and contains over 140 of my best images all selected to support the underlying themes of the book.

What Readers are Saying

"You are an Artist, and a Philosopher, One with Nature" Joan

"Just started the book and loving it. Well worth the purchase. I also like having it as an ebook". Cassandra

"Just downloaded Erwin's new ebook and it looks great at first glance. I always appreciate his thoughtful writing and positive contributions to the nature photography community."  Sarah Marino
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