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Allie Parker vs Alwxandria Hamilton

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(Women’s Singles Squash Match w/o Referee & KO Ending, Grudge Match, Female Domination)

Allie Parker is less than thrilled about battling the Modest Step-Mom Alexandria Hamilton, feeling it’s a total waste of her time to battle a jobber like her, and in “Taking Apart the Modest Step-Mom”, she completely obliterates her for it in a squash match that has Alexandria knocked out entirely by the time it’s over with!

The beginning stages of the match see Alexandria come at Allie hard and fast with a quick barrage of forearms and a whip into the corner stomach first, that’s immediately followed by a schoolgirl pin attempt. But once a now angry Allie shakes that off, Alexandria is put through total hell the rest of the match, namely via the use of many brutal stretches! She’s made to scream out in pain over and over and over again by Allie through them!

Eventually all the stretching stops, and after toying with her for just a little bit simply for her own amusement, Allie puts the poor sweet Modest Step-Mom Alexandria out of her misery, KO’g and then pinning her. She wasn’t playing around on this day, she wanted to make a statement on just how beneath her Alexandria truly is, and she did that and then some here! They don’t get much more definitive than this!

An absolutely brutal squash match that fans of submission style wrestling in particular should really enjoy! The holds and stretches applied by Allie here are numerous!


Back Butt Splashes, Backbreaker Stretch, Back Elbow Crush, Bow and Arrow Stretch, Camel Clutch, Chinlock, Choking (Boot Choke, Elbow Choke & Hand Choke), Chops (Kn. Edge Chops & Throat Chop), Corner Head Ramming, Double-Arm DDT’s, Figure-Four Leglock, Forearms, Full Nelson, Hairpulling & Hairpulling through Ropes, Irish Whip, Knee Drop Low Blows, Knees to Body, Mat Head Slams, Snapmare Takeover, STS (Modified STF), Surfboard Stretches (Seated Surfboard Stretch, Side Surfboard Stretch & Standing Surfboard Stretch)

(Incl. Pre-Match introductions & Victory Pose)
You will get a MP4 (935MB) file
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