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Stratocaster13 Horse Resource Pack 1.8-1.12.2

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[ For Minecraft Java Edition 1.13-1.15 | Not compatible with Pocket Edition ]

Download the 1.13-1.15 version here:

This is the same equine-themed resource pack as seen in my older videos (some textures have been revisited and improved).

A complete list of everything included:

  • Saddle
  • Lead
  • Iron horse armour = White saddle pad and polo wraps
  • Gold horse armour = Red saddle pad and polo wraps
  • Diamond horse armour = Blue saddle pad and polo wraps
  • Horse GUI (Tack slots)
  • Cauldron = Steel water trough
  • Hopper = Steel wall-mounted feed bucket
  • End rods = White-painted wooden jump poles
  • Birch door = Birch stable door
  • Jungle door = Spruce stable door
  • Acacia door = Oak stable door
  • Iron bars = Steel stable bars
  • Hay block
  • Horses, donkey, mule
  • Skeleton horse = Brunblakk Fjord
  • Zombie horse = Gra Fjord

Earnings will be put towards minecraft, YouTube videos and my tertiary education.

Upon download, you will recieve a zip file. Double click this, and it will give you a folder. This is the resource pack. Drag this folder into your Minecraft resource packs folder to install it.

Thank you, and enjoy!

- Stratocaster13



You will get a ZIP (427KB) file