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Change your writer’s mindset forever with this online course.

HURRY enrolments close 1 February 2024

HURRY enrolments close 1 February 2024 ⋆

This is the last writer's mindset course you'll ever need

Discipline, writer's block and imposter syndrome are nonsense. Well, they soon will be after you do this 7-day LIFECHANGING online course.

This course blasts through everything you knew to be true about being a writer and will rewire your mind to become the writer you've always wanted to be. Whether that's to be faster, more prolific, write better quality or all three, this course teaches you how to become that very person.

What to expect

  • banish your inner critic
  • pure self encouragement
  • self belief
  • unveiling and releasing limiting beliefs
  • change your beliefs so they work for you, not against you
  • motivation as you’ve never seen it before.
  • change the way you see yourself
  • writing techniques
  • hypnoses
  • mindset techniques and methods

I've got secrets...

This course will teach you the mindset I used to write and publish TEN BOOKS, and write multiple books between just TWO DAYS and FOUR WEEKS! Yes, it's entirely possible. Without burning yourself out.

Course curriculum

Things to know

This course includes 7 audio lessons, plus a workbook for each lesson.

You also get a bonus, exclusive writer's hypnosis.

PLEASE: make sure that you have adequate mental health support in place as this course does deal with the mind. If at any time you feel that your mental health is suffering, please stop the course and seek professional help. This course and its creators are not to be held liable for any mental health concerns.

No refunds available, so please choose wisely.

No additional support is available via this course.


Looks like you missed the first round as enrolments closed 1 Feb 2024.

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