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Striking The Flint (A Dragon Duels Prequel)

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When Piper Miller is drafted to be a contestant in the Dragon Duels, she knows she's about to face something horrific. 

Thrown into an arena with fifty other prisoners, mostly those convicted of petty crimes like hers, she has to survive ten days under the constant threat of death from exposure, other contestants, and the fire-breathing dragons that no one can predict. 

Alongside her childhood friend, Joseph, she does her best to survive everything thrown at her. Can she survive the inaugural Dragon Duels? 


Starting The Fire is a prequel to the urban fantasy dystopian series, The Dragon Duels. It is set approximately 150 years before the events of the main series and follows Piper as she competes in the first ever Duels. There is a romantic m/f sub-plot.
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