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Advanced Fiction (WH Self Study #5)

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Advanced Fiction includes four full seminars that were originally produced for my Writers' Huddle members-only site, and which are now available on a self-study basis.

The seminars are:

Story Ideas: Where to Find Them and How to Evaluate Them, covering:

  • Coming up with ideas when you might be struggling, without forcing them
  • Possible sources of inspiration for new ideas
  • Evaluating whether an idea warrants further exploration
  • Selecting the best story length for the subsequent project

Heroes & Villains, with Lorna Fergusson, covering:

  • The difference between “heroes” and “protagonists”
  • Key characteristics of well-written heroes and villains
  • How flawed your heroes can be (including in children’s fiction)
  • How anti-heroes differ from regular heroes

Handling Viewpoint in Fiction, covering:

  • Why viewpoint is so important (but often overlooked)
  • Using first and third person viewpoint effectively
  • Handling multiple viewpoints in one novel
  • Choosing between past and present tense

Seven Ways to Add Depth to Your Characters, covering:

  • The importance of memorable characters
  • Using backstory and flashbacks
  • Understanding their perspective and giving them a voice
  • Balancing character and plot
  • Engaging character dynamics and interactions

All seminars are audio mp3s. Each seminar comes with a full, nicely edited transcript, plus a downloadable worksheet that includes a summary and suggested further reading.

You will get a ZIP (132MB) file
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