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Whispering Ember - the Vargr #3

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The belief in the old gods of Norse Mythology may have been suppressed by Christianity, but that doesn’t mean the races of old didn’t survive. Like the Vargr wolves.

Matt’s Sköll Hati pack has forcefully merged with the Geri Freki pack on their territory. The many changes challenge all Alphas, who step up to meet the needs of their pack. It challenges the young Alphas to grow. With a whispering ember, Matt’s gaining new insight into the Alpha he’s growing into.

Steffen will die for his pack’s prosperity. Standing the only conquering Pack Alpha in all of Sköll Hati, he’s proven that once before. Having fought to secure his pack again, he relishes in prosperity and fights to grow despite the changes to their structure. A Pack Alpha never stands alone, though. Other than seeing Matt rise to a challenge, Steffen’s focus on prosperity brings a new possible ally to their doorstep.

Frederik rose to have black fur, and he’s since then been renamed Hati. But he’s not doing well with fame. He yearns for something he doesn’t know and dreams of freedom he doesn’t understand.

Then he feels the pull of a new Alpha. All the fame and expectations that smother him seems bearable with the feel of that Alpha. And Hati needs him!
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