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Graph Editor AEP and Onion Skin Preset for After Effects

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The After Effects project file for following along with this graph editor tutorial:

You'll also get a handy Onion Skin preset with a pseudo effect for clean controls.

NOTE: This effects rig only works when applied to shape layers, continuously rasterized vector layers or collapse transformed precomps. Footage items (solids, photos, videos etc.) MUST be precomposed and have the collapse transformations switch enabled prior to applying the preset.

How to install an After Effects Preset. Just drop the Onion Skin.ffx into your presets folder. My favorite way to do this is to go to the effects and presets panel > Animation Presets > User Presets, select any animation preset, click the hamburger menu and select "Reveal in Explorer/Finder. Paste the preset into this directory and refresh your presets list.
You will get the following files:
  • AEP (469KB)
  • FFX (29KB)