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Guardian of Eden (Midlife Magic in Eden Valley #4) paperback

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Aurielle Jones worked hard to escape attention in Eden Valley, but when her son’s true nature made itself known, her façade crumbled and now she’s scrambling to maintain the image she worked so hard to create.

For eleven years, Elle stayed away from other people to protect them—and herself—but when her adopted son Kevin endangered Eden Valley, she stepped out of the shadows and now she can’t find a way back in.

She’d never imagined she’d have friends much less feel guilty for concealing her true identity. She’d shared a sliver of truth and revealed her angelic nature, but kept her deeper purpose hidden. It’s not until she falls in love—an impossibility for an angel—that the persona she’s carefully constructed starts to crumble. With an angel on one shoulder and a town full of demons on the other, Elle knows she’s on the edge and one false move will cost her the assignment she’s been charged with, the town she’s been entrusted with, and the people she’s unexpectedly grown to love.

Will Elle reveal the truth to her friends and accept the love of the person who’s courting her, or will she let duty overcome desire and return to the safe but lonely mission that will forever bind her to Eden Valley?

Guardian of Eden is the fourth and final book in a magical new paranormal women’s fiction series from USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Cissell, author of the Eleanor Morgan novels and the Oracle Bay series.