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Tank Encyclopedia Magazine Issue #6

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Tank Encyclopedia Magazine Issue #6 is out! Available in PFD and EPUB! ☝️

As usual, all the articles are well researched by our excellent team of writers and are accompanied by beautiful illustrations and photos. If you love tanks, this is the magazine for you!

The 6th issue covers:

WW1 section contains a story of the French armored car Automitrailleuse Hotchkiss 1908;
WW2 section sheds light on the rare B1 Bis №234 “Marseille” with a cast turret manufactured by the state manufacturer APX and fictional Geschutzwagen E100;
Cold War section covers the story of the North Korean ultra-long range Self-Propelled Gun Chch’e’po (M1978 Koksan) ;
Finally we have a guest article written by our good friends from Plane Encyclopedia 🛩️ which contains a story of the Arado 234A Blitz ⚡ 

The Team:
Magazine Editors: Alex Tarasov, Edward Jackson

Authors: Leander Jobse, Pavel Alexe, Marko Pantelić, Marisa Belhote, Arturo Giusti

Illustrations: Yuvnashva Sharma, Pavel “Carpaticus” Alexe, David Bocquelet, Ed Jackson

Website Editors: Andrew Hills, Gareth Lynn Montes, Craig Moore, Lucian Stan, Sonny Butterworth, Will Kerrs

You will get the following files:
  • EPUB (19MB)
  • PDF (34MB)