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What's the most obvious outcome of a faulty wiring system? Of course, it can lead to an electric short circuit, which means a fire hazard waiting to happen! From 2012 to 2018, around 9826 fire incidents happened in New Zealand due to electrical problems.

This means that you can't take the electric components of your house lightly. And the best way to prevent electrically related problems and even fire is by getting the help of a professional electrician. A professional can ensure that the electric system in your house is properly installed because a proper installation is the only way to lower the risk. To find a good Electrician Southland, you can rely on Telepower - They offer all types of electrical repairs Invercargill.

Choosing a Good Electrician

With so many electricians in New Zealand, one can choose a good one? Take a look at some of our best quick tips:

NZ Registration

Most of us can fix a lightbulb or change the on/off switches but it doesn't make us qualified and registered electricians. That's why if you are looking to get quality work, only work with those electricians which are licensed and have registration in New Zealand. You can also look at the EWRB website to get more information about the licenses.

A registered electrician will have a license that can be compared with a car license. Just like you need your driving license and car license with you all the time during driving, a registered electrician needs to carry their license with them as well during practice.

But not just anyone can obtain this license. To get an electrician license in New Zealand, a person needs to complete all the mentioned qualifications. That's why for any work related to electrical Invercargill, go with a certified and registered electrician.

Here's the brief list of qualifications that need to be met/completed:

Certificate in EE (Electrical Engineering)
L4 (Electrician for Registration)
And more...

The license can also tell you whether a particular electrician is registered (experienced) or just a trainee. If an electrician cannot produce a license, it means that they are not registered.

Opt for Master Electrician

Want the best electric work for your house, office, or any other building? Then just relying on a license or registration may not be enough. For best electric work, you need to choose a contractor who is also a 'Master Electrician'.

When you choose this route, it means that you get the highest quality! In fact, many master electricians also offer a 12-month guarantee of their work. This means that you have can peace of mind that the work will be of high quality - In fact, even if an electric fault does happen, you would be covered by the 1-year guarantee.

Although you may have to pay more for a master electrician contractor, it will be totally worth it in the long run due to quality work.

Get Recommendations

Stuck on finding a good electrician? Then start asking around people you know about recommendations for an Electrical Invercargill. If an electrician has already done work for someone you know, you can also check the work and even ask for their review about the contractor.
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