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Survey Sites as a Side Hustle

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Do you want to earn some exta money as and when suits you?

 If YES is the answer then look no further...

@amysbudgeting has released a survey site as a side hustle ebook! This 25 page guide talks through general information about survey sites, tips & tricks and considerations. It also outlines the top 10 survey sites tried, tested and used by Amy (@amysbudgeting) and special referral codes to get some free money to start you off. On top of this it also includes an earnings tracker which you can use to keep track of the money you have made from the sites, whether that be PayPal or bank transfer, or alternatively gift cards.

The guide is priced at £10

- using the referral links and completing just a few surveys you will be sure to make the £10 back in no time and continue to make even more money!

Survey sites are a great way to make some extra money, you can use them as little or as often as you like. You can complete surveys from the ease of your phone, whether you be travelling by public transport, watching TV, queieng in the post office or having a chill morning at home you can access survey sites and make some extra money.

I hope you enjoy this eBook, I'd love to hear your feedback and how you are getting on with the survey sites - contact me on Instagram at @amysbudgeting or via email at

- This ebook is not to be shared - purchase entitles one user to use the ebook.

I wish you every success with your side hustle journey!
You will get a PDF (8MB) file
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