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Serving Two Masters: The Billionaire and the Bad Boy

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If you were to fulfill your fantasy of submitting to your first master, who would you choose; a young, strikingly good-looking lover who knows your desires like he knows his own, or a distinguished, experienced, dom whose strength pulsates off him like heat from the sun?


Isabel’s soul awakened when Luca, her gorgeous Italian boyfriend, uttered his first command. Her 22 year old body danced to his will in a way that she never imagined possible. She loved it. In fact, she was on her way to their wedding… when fate stepped in.


Seated beside her on the plane was Jack. Older, distinguished, he didn’t have to say a word for Isabel to feel his power. So when their flight got detoured for the night, would she be handcuffed by his strong will? Or would she resist?


Could one tantalizing night with Jack be enough to derail her life with Luca? And what would her demanding Italian fiancé do if he knew about Jack? Isabel’s body quivered in anticipation as she was about to find out.



‘SERVING TWO MASTERS: THE COMPLETE SERIES’ is the completed anthology of the sexy international bestselling series ‘At Their Pleasure'. It is for those who like love triangles, spankings and extreme erotic play.



34,000 words.


*Please note that this story contains very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for the sole purpose of extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only. 

You will get a PDF (741KB) file

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