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A Stolen Heart - Thieves' Guild Academy

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A Stolen Heart by Kayelle Allen

Breakups are hard, but when your ex is immortal—and your king—how do you guard your heart? Luc's immortal ex allows no lifetime to pass without trying to win him back. That's not happening, but despite Pietas being the jealous sort and manipulative, he's also the king. As his General, Luc can't simply walk away.

So when summoned for a "simple mission" of finding a lost child, he suspects it covers some hidden agenda or lurking secret.

The mission goes off with surprising ease, and when an alien toddler needing rescue falls into Luc's lap, worry about Pietas takes a backseat. While attempting to care for the boy, a late-night visit from his king reveals Luc's easy solution screwed up everything Pietas was planning. Now Luc's slap in the middle of a dubious fix that endangers not just himself and his king, it also threatens the adorable tot Luc has decided to foster, along with all the other mortals he's come to love.

Because at the center of the Thieves' Guild Academy lies a lifetime of dark secrets, and Luc has just ripped off the veil and exposed its sinister heart... 

◆An MM single dad sci-fi romance set in the Thieves' Guild Academy.

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A Divided Heart - Thieves' Guild Academy


A Broken Heart - Thieves' Guild Academy