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Fixer upper meets found family in this new heartwarming small-town second chance romance when a matchmaking wedding planner reunites a lonely architect with the girl he promised to love forever.


When my family moved across the country, I promised the only girl I’ve ever loved that I’d be back. To seal that promise and prove my love to her, I spent every last penny I earned on a promise ring.

But mere days later, the crushing blow of an email rocked my world—she’d decided not to wait for me, urging me to move on. When I returned to Palmer City later that year, I discovered she’d vanished into the foster care system after a tragic event at her home.

It’s been nine years, and I’ve never given up hope of finding her. I’ve never let go of the dream that we could have a future together. When my cousin asks me to redesign our grandparents’ old barn into a wedding venue, it’s a no-brainer.

But when I show up for the job, it’s her that my cousin hired to lead the construction. She’s moved back to town, and all of the feelings I’d long-since buried have resurfaced—along with the dream I’d never truly given up on.


Stunned. Shocked. Stupefied.

When I arrive at the barn to meet with the architect, the last thing I expect is to come face-to-face with the boy who promised to love me forever. The very same boy who had given me a promise ring, a long-lost symbol of his unwavering love and commitment. But even though I broke his heart, I could never quite let go of the love I had for him.

When our eyes lock, the buried feelings I had for him rush back. While hope and happiness fill his expression, my inner turmoil makes me want to bolt.

He doesn’t deserve the mess that is me or the destruction I leave in my wake. I need to keep my distance, because if we fall in love again—as grownups—I know the heartache will be unbearable. I can’t survive losing him again.

This is a sweet return-to-hometown he-falls-first workplace romance with heartwarming characters, found family, and even a matchmaking horse named Swiftie.

Author’s Note: This book features characters from my Palmer City world. It’s a stand-alone, but if you love the town and characters, be sure to check out my Palmer City Voltage series. 

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