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Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Your six step Hypnotherapy at Home transformation course for a healthy, happy lifestyle

A healthy life starts with healthy thoughts

Whether you are looking to lose weight, become fitter or just love yourself more, our six week hypnotherapy course helps you with those first steps to permanent positive change.

All of our Hypnotherapy tracks are designed to help you love and accept your whole being. 

When we are in a place of deep love and acceptance we treat ourselves with kindness and respect, and that includes the kind of foods we eat, exercises and activities we enjoy, the choice of company we keep, even our very thoughts about ourselves.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that a healthy lifestyle or losing weight relies on just eating less, and I’m here to tell you it’s so much more than that!

A healthy lifestyle needs to include positive thoughts and feelings, a range of healthy balanced foods and motivation to use your body more.

What You Get

Listening to your weekly audios at least twice a week during the course, will help you create important changes in your thoughts, feelings and day to day behaviours - but the more you listen to them the more they will help you make effective changes quickly.

As you work through the audios you will experience many different aspects of self-development, and really begin to nurture yourself more and more in many positive ways.

There are 3 mindset changing worksheets which can be downloaded, printed or saved as a file, and completed throughout the 6 weeks which will help boost your motivation and transform your outlook on life, your future and your body.

🌟 And during Self Care September you gain 3 additional coaching guides to help you on this journey of self love and care

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