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For students struggling to cope with the challenges and expectations of teenage life

The course comprises 10 modules with the objective of helping students understand themselves better, prepare for challenges they will face as a teenager and adult, and become better individuals.

The course aims to help students gain skills, manage their personalities and situations, and learn from their experiences.

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Course curriculum

  • Introduction (Free)
  • How does this work (Free)
  • Module 1: Creating Awareness - Learn more about yourself and what areas in your life fulfill you.
  • Module 2: State Management - Determine which areas of your life you need to focus on.
  • Module 3: Values - Identify what's important to you in life and areas you want to honor more.
  • Module 4: Inner Leader - Identify the skill set that you use to be successful and use it in other areas of your life.
  • Module 5: Allies - Look at your inner and outer circle, and how you can use their skill set for the challenges in your life.
  • Module 6: Appreciation - Appreciate yourself and those around you.
  • Module 7: Saboteur - Manage the different personalities within you.
  • Module 8: Master - Look at the more logical and rational part of your personality and use it more in your life.
  • Module 9: Life Purpose - Design a life course to realise your purpose.
  • Module 10: Life Story - Recreate your story to make it the story you want it to be.

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