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Making It Legal

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“If you marry me, you’ll never worry about money again.”

Diesel has a problem. He’s been a highly paid escort for years, but he’s nearing his fortieth birthday. In the world of prostitution, that’s when you hang up your jockstrap and find a real job. Unfortunately for him, he has no other skills to fall back on, and he’s spent most of his earnings living beyond his means. He wants to go legit, but when a wealthy man from Brazil makes him the offer of a lifetime, he decides to turn one last trick.
Santiago Bolsonaro moves to the United States in order to escape his arch-conservative political family in Brazil. The first few months are a dream come true, and when his visa is about to expire, he decides to do something extreme in order to stay in the states. He hires an attractive escort to marry him, so he can get his green card. At first it is a simple legal arrangement. But, like most business deals, it becomes complicated. Like, really, really complicated.

Making It Legal is the story of a disgraced child of political royalty and the escort he falls in love with. It is a trope paradise, including a marriage of convenience, political scandal, and a forbidden love. It is part of the Making It series and can be read as a standalone novel.
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