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Information technology and communication networks are one of the most important new topics in the world of technology and public and private companies are moving towards it willingly and unwillingly and want to use its benefits. Benefits such as high efficiency, reduction of current costs, no need for people to be present at the location. But this new technology is facing a fundamental and important problem that has slowed down the growing speed of this technology and prevented the progress of this superior technology in all the mentioned fields. Security is the main bottleneck for the development of this new technology and, of course, in the digital world, it has allocated a lot of capital.


APK Technical and Engineering Company was established in 2006 in order to provide comprehensive and integrated professional solutions in the field of network and information security and respond to the growing needs of the country in this field. This company defines its mission as "creating a safe organization based on global standards" with the slogan "a good sense of trust" and in this regard, by relying on the expertise of its personnel and creating a suitable platform for the production of knowledge in the company, it has taken strong steps in the field of Design, implementation and support of local services and products in the field of cyber security.


Our services include the following:


Managed Security Operations Center (مرکز MSSP).


Event Response Team 


threat hunting


Separation of the Internet network from the internal network 


Web Application Firewall (Waf بومی)


SIEM Implementation (پیاده سازی SIEM)


Security Operations Center 


Native UTM or integrated management system (خرید UTM)

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