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[P2U] Plant Creature Template

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Havent seen one of these yet!
Plant Creature  Base (also has some Anthro Parts!)

A Base I had in works since uhh January 2021 I think. It had been done for a while but I never got around uploading it until now!


  • 10 Plant Arms
  • 10 Anthro Parts
  • 10 Tails
  • 10 Face Bits
  • 20 Accessoires
  • 20 Head Parts
  • 20 Body Mods
File Type : .PSD
Canvas Size : 1800x1800
File Size: 28.7MB

FILE HAS MORE THAN 100 LAYERS Due To the amount of Folders (Folders tend to count as layers aswell!)

You need a programm that works with layers (Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop or similar)

*~RULES ~*

*Always give proper credit. (Both you and Your customer are requiered to do so)
*Do NOT claim this base as your own work
*Do not resell or share this Base.
*You can use this base for Commissions , Personal things and Adopts (Fake currencies or real currencies)
*There will NO refund due to the fact that this is a DIGITAL Product
*DO NOT 'Frankenbase' at all with my bases

*DO NOT remove my name from the lineart! Its placed at the bottom so it shouldnt be in the way at all
You will get a PSD (29MB) file

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