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My New Life Subliminal MP3

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Utilizing a unique subconscious perception delivery system, My New Life subliminal program fires safe and unobtrusive mental commands at speeds that are absorbed directly by your subconscious mind and that are activated automatically by your brain cells.

These commands are programmed to improve your inner thought processes without resistance, develop successful patterns of behavior, remove habitual personality flaws, increase your mental capacity for learning, and re-engineer your entire outlook on life, without demanding any of your time.

What creates genius? It's the ability to think outside the box. To visualize conceptual ideas before they become real. To see potential in problems. My New Life gives you a tool-kit that "zaps" you with a healthy dose of mind-expanding commands, automatically increasing your neural capacity safely and quickly to:

- Learn new skills at lightning speeds — absorb facts like a cranial sponge, pick-up information at rapid speeds, understand new ideas and concepts faster than ever

- Expand your capacity for thought — juggle ideas at speed, recognize instant solutions to otherwise complex problems, easily conceive new possibilities and enhance your creativity, effortlessly

- Develop a "super glue" memory — recall information at lightning speeds, gain immediate entry to your unlimited memory banks, remember names and faces with ease and accuracy, every time

- Ramp your creativity up to the highest notch — enjoy the power of truly limitless thought, visualize new and exciting business ventures, rapidly digest new ideas, expand your mind and each of your senses... and benefit from variety and adventure in your life

My New Life pushes your mind into states of higher perception and consciousness, and expands your ability for "whole brain functioning" — a psychologically peaked state of mental aptitude and performance that allows both hemispheres of your mind to work in co-operation for ultimate peak mental power.

My New Life allows you to re-program your brain to break old, habitual routines and refresh your life with new, successful, positive and uplifting behaviors that you'll now learn to automatically default to.

My New Life "suggests" new patterns of behavior, belief and thought to your sub-conscious mind — the area of your brain that is directly responsible for maintaining those automatic bodily functions that are seemingly "uncontrollable". The new suggestions replace the old, weak and destructive patterns of before.

Your brain is a fascinating machine that has the capability to absorb thousands of pieces of information daily. Every day, you're exposed to more than 100,000 thoughts that influence your decision making abilities, your beliefs, your ideas, your patterns - even your core values.

Your subconscious mind is built as a tool for betterment. It's there to respond to your environment. It "sees" things you don't even realize. Every sound. Every picture. Every phonetic nuance. Everything.

With this tool, you're delivering positive, present, self-inflicting statements of belief to your mind every minute you're listening to it. Affirmations that are captured by your subconscious brain, analyzed and then "processed" unconsciously, without any effort or work required from you. It's all automatic.


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