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The Nine Muses

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Something strange is going on with the Muses.

They can't write. They can't sing. They can't dance.

They can't seem to do anything right.

They say Muses inspire the greatest of artists, artisans, thinkers, and poets, but what will inspire them?

Zeus sees his nine daughters struggling with their talents, so he orders them to go to a mortal high school. Perhaps, he reasons, they will find inspiration there under the careful guidance and tutelage of Headmistress Ehtel.

Zeus hopes his idea works... that the visit sparks his daughters' interests again or this will be the end of creativity, as we know it.

The muses are not amused. Thalia, the muse of Comedy, proclaims that 'High school is where creativity goes to die'. With the headmistress, and their father, dead set against anything remotely fun, her sisters agree.

In the mortal world, the humans meet the Muses for the first time but the nine sisters have biases against them. Calliope, the leader, vows to turn anyone who annoys her into a bird. Her sight is set on Henry, the insufferable human with the cute smile.

Can the mortals survive the feisty nine daughters of Zeus, or will they fall victims to their immortal prejudices?

Despite all their efforts, things go from bad to worse. Even with their lessons, the muses are forgetting their talents. But when they start disappearing, one by one, perhaps there is actually something or someone behind it all?

Is there a dark and sinister nemesis they are unaware of?

Can they find out who it is before they all disappear?

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