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Jeremy's Swimming Lessons (X-rated EPUB)

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It's the early 1960's, a time when being gay is not acceptable. He's managed to pretend it's 'just a phase' so far, but when he takes swimming lessons sponsored by his church group at the high school pool, he meets two older boys who induct him into a sexual experience that shatters his convictions.
Shocked and confused by the experience, he finds himself unable to deal with it. But the boys who 'found' him are everywhere, and he can't seem to get away from them, or what they awoke in him. And now he has to begin high school: The very high school where his shocking experience occurred.
And worse, he meets another boy, who tempts his budding sexuality like never before.

"Not simply a book about being gay and finding yourself but also a story that drags you in with the find details and gripping emotions. Ray Smith is a new author to watch. If you haven't read his Circulatim books yet then you need to get caught up!"


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