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The Dark Game: Includes the novelettes The Dark Game and I Am Infinite, I Contain Multitudes

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Can you escape the nightmare? Men imprisoned, one in war and one in an asylum, these two novelettes are packed with twisted psychological suspense and spine-tingling horror at its darkest. One man, a prisoner of war; and the other, a disturbed young man who wants out of a hospital for the criminally insane – at any cost!  New York Times bestselling author Douglas Clegg brings together two dark classics with The Dark Game and I Am Infinite, I Contain Multitudes.

Note: These two short novellas/novelettes can also be found together in the collection Lights Out.

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Wild Things: Four Tales


The Faces


Night Asylum


The Stain - A Short Story


The Necromancer: A Harrow Prequel Novella


Funerary Rites


Lights Out


The Nightmare Chronicles


The Words


Coming of Age: Three Dark Novellas