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AGOE 0 - Alien Guardians of Earth, Collection 1, Bks 1-3

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Want to have some laughs, find romance, and go on some Indiana Jones-worthy escapades? So does Dr. Sugar Jennings, Archaeologist and Ancient Earth Historian.

Now you can read all 3 of the alien panther's fun, funny, action-packed romantic adventures in one easy to read collection.

BAD PANTHER (Book 1) - Sugar Jennings has a problem and Bad Panther has the purr-fect solution. Dr. Sugar Jennings is an Archaeologist and an Ancient Earth Historian. She’s also the host of an ancient artifact of enormous power. Now everyone wants Sugar dead because they want the power she possesses, but she can’t let them get it. Desperation drives her to seek help but no one is willing to risk their own lives in the job of protecting hers. Or no one did until a mercenary panther shifter decided she might be worth the trouble. Now all she has to do is convince the ancient artifact she carries not to kill her panther guardian for trying to help her.

MAD PANTHER (Book 2) - Sugar left on sentient blade business. She came home to a very mad panther. When the sentient blade sends Sugar on a rescue mission to find the another of the sentient blades, Dr. Sugar Jennings sneaks out of her Bad Panther’s bed without saying goodbye. Why? Because a woman warrior has to do what a woman warrior has to do, despite the alien panther warming her sheets.

DAD PANTHER (Book 3) - Looks like Bad Panther is about to become Dad Panther, and Dr. Sugar Jennings, host of a Protector blade, is about to become the mother of twins. Axel of Rodu, her alien panther mate and next in line for the Lyran throne, is already in Dad Panther mode and freaking out. When the fourth and final sentient blade surfaces and sends out a distress call, Sugar has no choice but to lead the existing blades on a rescue mission.
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