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My Secret Fitting Guide + SPECIAL BONUS

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My Secret Fitting Guide - Find Clothes That Will Love Your Shape | Over 100 tips + BONUS

If you have always wanted to find out what to look for in your clothes to get a better fit, then this guide is for you. Packed full of over 100 of my most useful and practised tips that I use with my clients to help them get more clothing love.  I've been in business as an Image Coach, Consultant and Body Positive Advocate for nearly 10 years now and have worked with 100's of women both online and in person.  I use an holistic approach with my ladies using a process of Mind, Body & Wardrobe in ALL my work so that they can learn how to have a more positive mindset towards themselves, their bodies and their clothes.  It's about having fun with colour, clothes and style so that your personality, needs and authenticity is nurtured and synchronised with your wardrobe.  After all, we only want ease, clarity, confidence and happiness in our clothes don't we?

Ok, so there's a little GIF showing the first 13 pages for you to view as a taster, (starting at your top half) but there are 42 pages of diagrams, formulas and clothing images, covering the rest of your beaut bod to your feet, in total. Whoop!

I will take you from the top to  the bottom of your body and share with you the most important factors from my stylist's tool box and my 9 years experience as a qualified Image and Style Coach and body positive advoate. 

We'll cover your individual proportions from your shoulders to your calves, how to work out your actual bust size,  find out if you're short or long waisted, what your body shape/silhoette is and what to look for in garments and styles for a better fit for necklines, bust, waist, tums, hips, legs and more in tops, jackets, trousers, dresses and more. Even find out how to get a more streamlined look, if you want that too.  It's all a matter of learning how to ROCK WHAT YOU'VE ALREADY GOT!

All bodies are good bodies and I've tried to incorporate as many of the basics as possible, though I realise I can't cater for everyone's uniqueness, so as an extra thank you for downloading (BONUS TIME) I have included a code at the end that will enable you to enjoy a FREE 30 minute ONLINE SESSIION with me (Iif you want it, with no obligations to book anything else). It's a great way to confirm your findings from the guide, ask questions and get the answers YOU need for finding your 'better fit'.   I know right?! 

It's also a great way in to the world of personal styling if you feel a little shy or apprehensive.  This is your chance to get helpl and a great opportunity to boot.   You now have access to your own personal stylist and friendly image coach right now if you want it.  Heck, you could spend £37 on your next shopping trip and buy something that doesn't fit or you may never wear.  Get savvy and know what to look for today. 

No more guesssing, googling or relying on others opinions to find out what works for you either.  

This is your chance to find out YOUR CLOTHING FIT! As women we go through so many changes both physically and emotionally, so no wonder our clothes and best fit get lost in translation and fall behind a bit.  You shouldn't have to put up with wearing things that don't really work or feel right for you. Learn to love your body, wear your happy I say.

Not to mention, that fact that knowing what works will help the purse strings.  Buying things that don't get worn is a waste of your hard earned cash, so time to get savvy going forward.  

So, what are you waiting for?  DOWNLOAD YOUR 100+ BETTER FITTING TIPS NOW.  Your Clothing Confidence Awaits.

Then you can just book your FREE SESSION as soon as you can after digesting this guide, that's it. Where else are you going to get that 1:1 with an experienced coach and consultant for such great value right now?  

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you virtually soon  Sara x

^ The Bonus Free Session is available for a limited time only, so book now to avoid disappointment.
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