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Severed Dreams

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I’m having dreams I can’t explain—nightmares of faceless people watching me on what should be the most important day of my life.

Something really bad happened to me. So bad that I can’t quite piece anything together. It’s making me paranoid. I swear I’m being watched all the time.

Ever since the dreams started, nothing in my life makes sense. I don’t trust my instincts. I’m not sure I trust anyone around me. Not even my family. They mean well. But they treat me with kid gloves as if I’m fragile. Maybe I am…

Whatever happened, it’s over and I have to move on. I need to get back to work at my family’s department store. Instead, my parents and my sister insist I convalesce at the beach. And I don’t trust them enough to tell them about my relationship with Bryon, a man I was instantly attracted to who seems to have secrets of his own.

I need closure and a new normal. I’m trying, but it’s hard when everything feels wrong and I don’t even know who I am anymore. Why can’t I get my life back on track? I’m young. I have my entire life ahead of me. It seems like no one wants me to move on. I’m stuck. In limbo. As if I’m outside my body watching.

And whoever is watching me is getting closer every day.

This romantic suspense will take you on a ride that will have your mind questioning EVERYTHING! Prepare to search for the answers with Jessa before tragedy strikes again.

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