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You have to keep two goals in mind. The first is to convince the admissions office that you are really worth taking on. The second is to show that you are an above average intriguing person. However, to do this, you first need to get their attention.

Most admissions officers spend no more than two minutes reading your essay. With this in mind, adjust your introduction. One of the "attraction" techniques is to create a mysterious atmosphere or to intrigue the reader; or at least without revealing many elements at the very beginning, pay for essay can help you with this. Convince him to continue reading. The Climbing to Understanding essay begins as follows:

"Surrounded by thousands of stars, complete silence and majestic mountains, I stood atop New Hampshire's Presidential Ridge, amazed at the beauty of nature."

The first sentence introduces the reader to the atmosphere of the story, draws him into the presented world, but does not yet reveal the topic or essence of the essay. To see what comes next, you need to read ...

Main part
After the first paragraph is sanded down, you need to make sure that the body part is connected to the introduction. It's a good idea to find one element or sentence that will appear in your text. In the essay "Climbing to Understand", the author uses the mountain as a connecting element:

“Some people climb many small hills all their lives. However, if I want to see the most accurate picture of the world, I need to climb the highest mountains I can find. Too often, people stay in the valley, content with the scenery before their eyes. The mountain showed me that I cannot be content with just the landscape. "

It should be emphasized that the author uses a very simple language. Many students believe that a good essay should contain difficult and complex words; however, it is usually the simple words that best convey the essence of these critical ideas.

Another way to impress the reader is to use distinctive examples, creative and original images. The essay should contain images and be based on your experience. The best compositions are written according to the mantra "show, do not describe." Here's one example:

“As night descended to the summit, I watched the slowly emerging stars until they filled the entire sky. Despite the wind and severe frost, I could not tear myself away from this view. "

This fragment perfectly shows how the description of stars and cold can not only present a landscape to us, but also make us see this landscape through the eyes of the author. He knows how to convey the thoughts and emotions of the author, without describing them openly.

the end
The ending is your last chance to convince or impress the reader with your knowledge. The author of the essay "Climbing to Understanding" does this flawlessly, expanding the description of the scene and discovering the meaning of the scene:

“Watching Saturn rise, the Milky Way cloud, the Perseid meteor shower, I felt unnecessary and purposeful. Obviously, earthly affairs have nothing to do with the rest of the universe. However, I felt an irresistible urge to understand the origin and consequences of this phenomenon. "

It will most likely take you a few days to write your essay alone. Few can write this type of essay at a good level in a short time. Choosing the perfect structure, choosing the right vocabulary and images takes longer than you might expect. If you have more time, set aside your draft essay for a week. When you return to it, you will have a new look and fix bugs or change certain elements. Ask your family and friends for help. They will help you find minor mistakes that you missed after reading your essay so many times. Perhaps they will even help you answer the question: "How do you remember this composition?"

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