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White Women Cry and Call Me Angry is neither a call out of white women nor a call in. It is about my ability to name what happened to me during the decade I spent fighting for racial justice in the DC philanthropic sector. It is about finding community with others who have had similar experiences, regardless of where they work. It is another step toward healing. If you are a Black woman or other woman of color who has survived (or is surviving) racial abuse in the workplace, you are the audience for this book.

The stories in this essay collection recount interactions between me and real-life white women. Real words were exchanged. Real heartbreak happened. After years of trying to convert white women to my antiracism cause, I was exhausted. I needed to stop and look inside. So I set out to accomplish two goals: heal myself and transform my institution. Come with me on a journey that is both devastating and inspiring, pain-filled and pleasure-seeking. A journey that I hope will ultimately lead you to the truth of your own story.

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