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RAAF Operations Record Book and Unit History Sheet records

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I'm sure you have had problems finding ORBs and Unit History Sheets for RAAF Units on the National Archives of Australia web site. 

Unfortunately there are many mistakes with NAA descriptions. The description often does not line up with the correct name of the unit shown on the top of the ORB or Unit History Sheet form. For example all Operational Base Units are called Operations Base Units. Which explains why you will not find them when you do a search on the NAA site. The records for the Queensland University Squadron Oct 1950 - Aug 1973 are incorrectly labelled as the New South Wales University Squadron!! 

To make your searches for these RAAF records much more efficient, I have produced a PDF file for all the digitised ORBS and Unit History Sheets for RAAF Units on the NAA site and provided a direct link to the digitised file on the NAA site. I have also used the most accurate description for the file and corrected any obvious mistakes in the NAA descriptions.

This PDF file will save you so much time looking for RAAF ORBs and Unit History Sheets

There are 29 pages full of direct links to RAAF ORBS and Unit History Sheets on the NAA Website. Over 650 direct links to NAA files. Here is a sample link below.

75 Squadron 1942 - 1961

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