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Being a Coaching Leader

How to build up the coaching skills in your leadership toolbox

Empower your team to do their best work

Are you wondering if the way that you're leading is having the impact your organisation needs? Is that style supporting your wellbeing?

Would you love to have the non-judgemental support of an experienced school leader/coach, and a network of other like-minded leaders as you move forward on your leadership journey?

Would you like to be able to hold people accountable, while still being 'values-led'?

Do you wish you could stop falling into the role of ‘rescuer’ or ‘fixer’ with your staff and be an 'enabler' instead?

If you want to make a shift towards more distributed leadership in your organisation and you're ready to dig deep and make some big steps forward, 'Being a Coaching Leader' is for you.

When you're a busy leader, it's hard to find the time to reflect, learn and grow. I’ve set up this course and membership so that you can learn coaching leadership behaviours in short, manageable chunks. Ideas and skills are presented in short videos (all less than 10 minutes long) with suggested practice activities that will take your leadership into the direction you want it to go. I’ll then support you through monthly group coaching Q and A sessions and you’ll also have a network of like-minded leaders to share practice and ideas with in the Facebook group.

I'm a leadership coach with an Institute of Leadership and Management Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring, and I have over 2 years experience in that role.

Prior to that, I was a leader in the education sector for 17 years, including 10 years as a headteacher. My experience allows me to empathise with the day to day challenges you face. I understand really well the journey to becoming a coaching leader. I've walked that path myself, and I know where the potholes are!

"Helen is a guiding light in a complicated world."

Dan Edwards. Founder of 'Leading in the Now' and former client

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Being a Coaching Leader - what's it all about?

the 5 behaviours of a coaching leader

I’ve developed a model of coaching leadership, which is based around 5 behaviours:

  1. Ask - when you ask empowering questions you stop being perceived as 'the expert', and you start building and valuing the expertise of others.
  2. Listen - when people feel seen and heard they become more motivated and confident.
  3. Be emotionally agile - in the tough work of leadership, difficult emotions often come up. Managing those moments with self-kindness helps us to respond, rather than react.
  4. Give quality feedback - when you give guidance that's 'clear but kind' you help people grow and develop.
  5. Nurture leadership - setting up structures and systems that give people permission to lead really gets your organisation moving forwards.

What's in the course?

The online materials (videos and pdfs) cover each behaviour, giving you things to practice in your work as a leader, guided reflections to gently deepen your self-awareness and useful proformas to help you stay on track. In each section, I’ll make recommendations for further reading, in case you want to find out more.

The idea is that each bit of the course is a handy, bitesize chunk that you can fit in around your busy schedule. The emphasis is on behaviours and practices that you can do, and that will support your leadership.

What will I get from the group?

In our friendly and welcoming group, we're creating a safe, non-judgemental space where you can develop your leadership with the support of an experienced coach.

Each month there’s a group coaching zoom meeting, giving you the chance to learn alongside other like-minded leaders and ask about the dilemmas and issues that have arisen for you.

In the private Facebook group you can share what you’re doing and how it’s going and gain support and advice from me and other members.

Course curriculum

Comments from members of the group:

"The materials are really accessible and helpful."

"An informative and enjoyable first group coaching session with just the right balance between new coaching skills development and the opportunity to be authentic about where your leadership skills strengths are and identify areas which need to be improved." (Niamh, School Principal)

"The opportunity to hear you at work is helping me develop my own coaching practice." (Julie, Headteacher)


Monthly option

per month
Pay monthly. Cancel any time.

Annual plan

per year
Get a discounted price by paying for the year.

Helen Tarokh - Mrs T

I'm a leadership coach who was previously a headteacher. I left my headship in December 2020 and retrained as a coach, achieving my ILM Level 7 Certificate in Executive Coaching and Mentoring. I've been coaching leaders in the education, charity and non-profit sectors for 2 years.

Customer Reviews

Nick S.

1 month ago

Coaching Leader

I like a space to reflect. A lot of the ideas, advice and discussion points I have come across before. To have them brought back to the front of your brain and revisited is good though! If it isn't brought back it does get lost.
The sessions always have a focus but with enough space to grow into other areas.
It is always rooted in common sense, practicality and warmth.
It reminds us to speak our truth with as much honesty and kindness as we can.