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RATE THAT BOOK! - Literary Analysis Workbook

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- Updated for upper elementary and middle school.
- Perfect to develop reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Works with ANY CURRICULUM as a perfect ANALYSIS workbook.
  • Plot anaylsis and critical thinking questions that work with any fiction book.
  • Includes 180 pages to analyze and review up to 45 books!
  • Visually engaging QUESTIONS & LAYOUTS 
  • Questions & layouts are all different so kids don't get bored!
  • Great for reluctant writers as it includes guided and short writing opportunities.
  • Helps kids develop anaysis skills of any book they are reading
Comes either coil bound or as a softcover book.
Printed in B&W 

The right size!  It is 8.5x11 - with lots of room to draw, write and doodle!

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