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The Unschooling Journey: A Field Guide

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You are the HERO of your story.

What story do you want to tell about being a parent? Do you want something different for your family? Are you ready to answer the call to unschooling?

When Pam’s three children left school back in 2002, she had no idea that one decision would lead her to question so much of the conventional wisdom around learning and parenting. Nor that she would find new answers that made so much more sense! Her children are now all adults, and she can confidently say the journey has been incredible and life-changing—but by no means easy.

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey framework, The Unschooling Journey is a weave of myths, contemporary stories, and tales from Pam’s journey. It's not a “how to” book—no two paths through the world of unschooling have the same twists and turns—yet having a general sense of where you are on your journey can bring valuable insight as you navigate the challenges that will inevitably appear. She shares this book as a field guide to the stages and characters you are likely to encounter in some form on your unschooling journey.

Characters such as the heralds and guides who call us forward and help us choose our next step. The tricksters and monsters who are determined to confuse and scare us at every turn. And the gods and goddesses who shake us to the core and inspire our inner journey until, at last, we capture the holy grail of our quest: unschooling with confidence and grace.

In The Unschooling Journey, you’ll discover:
- The value of approaching your journey with insatiable curiosity
- How living and learning weave together to create a meaningful tapestry of lifelong learning and joy
- The hidden depths of self-awareness—for ourselves and our children—that come when we move away from control as a parenting tool
- The profound impact of judgement and shame, and how to find your way to kindness and compassion with your children
- That unschooling, like life, is a practice, and there is real magic in its messiness

Together, let’s explore your unschooling journey.

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