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Ghostly Melodies

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Fairytales, set in the present day.

"Music tumbled out across the lawn, palpable as a wind. It seized them, whirled them about, and they danced like bright-colored butterflies across the grass …"

When singer-songwriter Zoe Banks is reunited with her father, Riccardo King, she hopes her life will improve. But life in Riccardo's mansion is far from idyllic: her half-sisters resent her, and now she's expected to have a bodyguard? Granted, this Jubilee seems pretty hot, but still …

Ex-soldier Jubilee Johnson never planned to work in personal security. But when three old women present him with a high-tech cloak and a job, he's powerless to resist. At least now he gets a chance to meet the beautiful singer, Zoe.

Events take an unexpected turn when Zoe and her sisters appear with bloody feet and no memory of where they've been. Riccardo is furious – years ago, his oldest daughter, Alice was kidnapped. Is Zoe's new bodyguard even up to the job?

But as Jubilee gradually uncovers Riccardo's secrets, he realizes: time is running out. Can Jubilee prevent a repetition of the past, or will Zoe be the next daughter to disappear?

Ghostly Melodies is the first novel in The Dancing Princesses – a new series of fairytales set in the present day. Because there's magic everywhere, just waiting to be found.
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