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Living on Purpose: Discovering and Fulfilling God’s Purpose for Your Life!

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Everything God created was devised with purpose. Guess what-that includes you! God knew the day you would be born, the opposition you would face, and the victories you would experience. Don't allow where you are to define who you are. Press forward in purpose knowing that God envisioned greatness for you. This succinct but powerful read offers insight that allows the reader to realize that you have purpose, strategies to discovering your purpose, and empowerment to fulfill it. It requires that you be honest with yourself and open to God's direction.

Key Topics:
  • You are not an accident . . .
  • God created you on PURPOSE.
  • Some things had to happen.
  • While you are waiting for PURPOSE to be fulfilled.
  • Knowing God's PURPOSE: A good plan versus a GOD plan.
  • Why is the attack so intense?
  • It has nothing to do with you!
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