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5 Ways To Deal With Anxiety - Ebook

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Get anxiety relief by following the easy to learn skills in this ebook. Clinical psychotherapist and host of the Anxiety Therapist Podcast shares his best tips for reducing stress, worry and panic. This practical guide is a must have for your wellness toolkit. 
Here's what you getfor just $5.00
♥ Understand what causes panic and anxiety
♥ Realistic solutions for improving sleep
♥Step by step guide on meditation
♥Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques
♥Discover how mindfulness works
♥The effects of caffeine on your stress levels
♥Fitness ideas to boost mental wellness
♥Learn how I manage my own anxiety and wellness! 

Learn easy tools and strategies for slowing down a busy mind. 

Before you purchase this amazing e-book, just imagine how good it will feel to reduce unwanted anxiety and bring calmness into your life! Written by Frank Sasso. Frank is a mental health therapist in private practice and certified fitness trainer.
You will get a PDF (20MB) file
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