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On the Board: 200 Fast, Fun & Easy Warmer, Filler and Fast-Finisher Activities (EPUB)

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On the Board contains over 200 proverbs, brain teasers, riddles, puzzles, and jokes, all collected, classroom-tested, and curated over my 16 years of teaching ESL & EFL. These activities are the easiest, no-prep, fun ways to kick off your class.

Pick out a riddle or brain teaser or proverb, put it up on the board, and get students thinking and working as soon as class begins. They work as perfect warmers or do-nows because they are fun and engaging, simple enough that students can do them on their own, and they can easily lead into the class theme. You can also use them as fillers, closers, or put them in your fast-finisher file.

Do students walk into your classroom, throw their bags on their seats, and then wander over to their buddy and start chatting? When it's time to start class, are you forced to shout to be heard over the chatter? Do you hate watching students pull out their books and pencils as you're starting class? Do you modulate your voice to be heard over the backpack zippers, powerbar wrappers, and coffee cup sips? On the Board takes care of that by getting students in their seats and working before the bell even rings. My students love them. Your students will too.

You will get a EPUB (283KB) file

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