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Expand your mind; heal past wounds; create a foundation of psychological wellbeing. The Zen practice of the four boundless meditations introduced by Zen Master Torei Enji (1721-1792) are powerfully effective at smoothing and speeding your spiritual progress. 

The step-by-step cultivation of boundless loving kindness (ji), compassion (jihi), sympathetic joy (ki) and peace (sha) has been a thoroughly-explored Buddhist path over centuries. It was the spiritual genius of Torei to develop a unique adaptation of these methods and bring them  into the mainstream of Rinzai Zen practice. Post-Torei they fell again into disuse but nevertheless these practices retain a unique transformative power and so Zenways is honoured to re-introduce them. 

The four week self-study course will help you access wholesome and expansive states of mind and body creating conditions from which it is relatively easier to achive deep states of openness and focus, and the liberating shift in awareness called in Zen ‘kensho' or finding out who you really are. As your path continues, the qualities of compassion and wisdom are traditionally said to provide the two legs by which you walk.

These practices are suitable even for beginners. Typically we would recommend you establish your basic practice through working with 'Practical Zen' and 'Wake up and Live' and then explore these important and foundational methods.

What You'll Get:
Practice guide
1 introductory talk video
4 Dharma talk videos
4 guided meditation videos
4 guided meditation audio files (zip file)
1 closing talk video

Based on the 5-day Zen sesshin taught by Zen master Daizan Skinner Roshi in autumn 2019 in Derbyshire, UK.
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (2MB)
  • ZIP (164MB)
  • MP4 (924MB)
  • MP4 (628MB)
  • MP4 (1GB)
  • MP4 (395MB)
  • MP4 (729MB)
  • MP4 (327MB)
  • MP4 (180MB)
  • MP4 (288MB)
  • MP4 (619MB)
  • MP4 (326MB)
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