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Practical Zen Yoga for the Winter

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Zen Yoga is the practice of creating the conditions for a radiant life and deep spiritual understanding. It emphasises three things: awareness/min- dfulness, correct alignment, and the energy (ki) of the system.

In this time of year we focus on the water element – mobilising and warming the body, and energetically nurturing the root to prevent the formation of ‘ice’. The organs that deal with water balance in the body are the kidneys and bladder so we will also work with their associated energy channels (myaku) and emotions of fear and indecisiveness.

Zen Yoga is based on Zen master Daizan Skinner’s many years of living and studying in Zen temples. It draws on the Buddha teaching of mindfulness of the body, Zen’s emphasis on alignment, and the profound links between energy and health found in Japan. Through simple, adaptable movements it teaches you to feel the energy flowing in your system, balance your emotions, and foster physical wellbeing.

Featuring: Mark Kuren Westmoquette and Elisabeth Godin. Filming: Gareth Lovell

Running time approx. 70 mins

Available in 720p HD and 1020p Full-HD

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