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Handwriting Workbook With Affirmations for black youth

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Improve your child's dexterity, boost their memory, and stimulate their brain activity all while establishing positive thought patterns and strengthening their perception of themselves. Our handwriting workbook is over 30 pages of coloring fun and handwriting practice. Help positively mold your child's mind with growth mindset affirmations, emotional well-being and self love affirmations, motivational success affirmations and more all while they practice penmanship skills and spelling. Not to mention the coloring pages representative of their own beautiful brown faces allows them to fully associate themselves with the messages in the book and see themselves when they call to mind each affirmation. Additional benefits of the affirmations in our handwriting workbook are:

•Improvement of academic

•Minimization of negative emotions

•Encourages positive attitudes

•Boosts confidence and affirms self worth