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SD Card Case

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To print this use single outline vase mode with a 1.2mm floor I printed mine at 0.3mm layer height so 4 bottom layers 0 top layers 1 perimeter vase mode.

If you print at 0.2mm use 6 bottom layers 0 top layers 1 perimeter vase mode. Bottom must be 1.2mm or you will air print and gravity will have something to say about that :-)

If the fit is loose increase extrusion multiplier (or increased flow rate on the printer 3 or 4 %) I printed mine with proto pasta imperfect pasta at 1.0 and it came out perfectly on my Fookos Odin with 0.4mm nozzle 220c 100% fan at 3 65mm/s fixed

It is rigid because of selectively places ribs and "fusion" points do NOT scale the model or you will break the fusion points though can't think of a reason why you would scale this then SD cards won't fit anymore :-)

The slots are also vase mode so they are "compliant" meaning nice loose fit but they also "grip" so you can invert it and SD cards won't fall out. because its vase mode the entire model is slightly compliant. meaning if you drop it the whole case is like a shock absorber.

Fast print. 90 minutes on a slow printer for both parts. remember its vase mode so either print one part at a time or print sequentially.

Semi Universal Gcode included as well as instructions. Both Sequential and separate print files for printers 200x200

You will get a ZIP (918KB) file