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Lead to Succeed: Essential Habits for Emerging Leaders

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Lead to Succeed provides emerging leaders with insights and strategies Jackie Capers-Brown initiated to begin the process of developing the leadership mindsets, emotional agility, resilience and grit necessary to go from an hourly position to become an award-winning manager and executive leader for two decades in three Fortune 500 companies.

Today, she's the founder of Greatness Made Simple Training & Consulting.

This book is ideal for middle school, high school, college students, and hourly employees striving to develop their leadership skills and accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Lead to Succeed will teach you:
  • Why self-awareness is important to developing your strengths and unique code of greatness
  • How to tune in to your passions
  • How to cultivate a growth mindset
  • The importance of advocating for yourself and your dreams and goals
  • How to become a person of Influence
  • Identify & map out milestone goals relevant to your BIGGER goals.
  • How to prioritize your time and energy throughout the day¬†
  • Complete tasks aligned with your goals to WIN
  • and so much more
Leadership is not about titles. Leadership is about your ability to inspire and motivate yourself and others. Leadership is about delivering results. Leading yourself effectively is the most productive behavior you can develop in order to find your authentic voice and power.

Download your Ebook copy of the book in order to step into the fullness of who you are born to be!

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