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Confessions for Student Success & Journal - Parent Edition

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As a Christian parent of middle school and high school children, you know that prayer is a must. You believe in speaking the word of God over your life and that of your family because you know that death and life lie in the power of your tongue.

And while you are praying, I invite you to also speak life over your child's success as a student, and for their transition into college and their career because that matters, too.

You were never meant to parent alone. God is with you, and so are we. Whether your child is in middle school, high school, or is a recent high school graduate who is saved and headed to college, or transitioning into their career and could use some guidance about staying on the straight and narrow path, we have got you covered!

You and I know that you could use more support encouraging your child to be successful in school, and what better way to do that than by confessing the word of God over their life?

When you purchase the Confessions for Student Success & Journal, Parent Edition, you will receive 10 student success confessions that are based on the word of God and are sure to encourage you in the Lord, as well as a, "Confess and Reflect Journal," that includes a key scripture that you can speak over your life for the months of August-May.

NOTE: The Confessions for Student Success & Journal is a PDF fillable journal that is a must-have for your children who are in middle school and high school or are recent high school graduates who are transitioning to college or their career, and for you - their parents! Don't delay, purchase this journal today!
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