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Marketing Strategy Workbook - Setting Goals, Branding, and Marketing to Your Audience

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Transform Your Business & Unlock Your Full Potential
Marketing Strategy Workbook

At Ingram Creative Concepts, we strive to help you discover the unique qualities that set your business apart from the competition. Your brand is a part of your business, as it sets expectations for customers before they even interact with your company and leaves a lasting impression after they leave.
We understand that starting or growing a business can be a daunting task.

That's why I have developed the Marketing Strategy Workbook - a powerful tool to help you succeed. This comprehensive 67-page guide will equip you with all the necessary resources, exercises, advice, and tips to create a winning marketing strategy for your business.

With the Marketing Strategy Workbook, you can maximize the potential of your marketing efforts and achieve your desired goals. We appreciate your interest in our workbook and wish you the best of luck in your marketing endeavors!

What's Included:
  • Why do I need a marketing strategy?
  • Creating your Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals
  • Why do I need a Website?
  • Branding Your Business
  • Office Location, Appearance, and your Team
  • Social Media, Reviews, and Referrals
  • Marketing to your Audience- The Marketing Funnel

You will get a PDF (46MB) file