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god of the body by Ash Evan Lippert

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“Ash Evan Lippert’s freshman debut, god of the body, explores the unity of the mythic and prosaic, large and small, abstract and concrete.  Running through the collection is a fully-formed poetic voice that is at once muscular and vulnerable. Lippert writes poems in the gendai tradition, using neologisms, unusual phrasings, and polysemy to create multiple parsings. The predominant theme is one of confrontation and uneasy reconciliation—with God, with nature, and with oneself. One comes away from the collection with an impression of a poet decomposing their heart and transmogrifying the parts into poems. Somehow, the heart still beats.”

— Pippa Phillips

About the Author:

Ash Evan Lippert is a clay jewelry maker and emerging queer writer based out of the South Carolina upstate. Their poetry and fiction explore the interior experience of selfhood, emotionality, and liminal states of consciousness through the lens of their personal history with Catholicism, queerness, and mental illness. A featured poet at Neologism, their work has also appeared or is forthcoming in Frogpond, Prune Juice, whiptail: journal of the single-line poem, and Heliosparrow, among others. Ash is happily at work on their first novel and the ongoing project of parenting two “whimsical” cats.
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