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The Alleged Fantasy Project Volume I Foundations

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Authors:  J. Bartholomew Walker
               Emma B. Quadrakoff
Print price: Hardcover: $54.95 

Foundations” is Volume I of: “The Alleged Fantasy Project 2011 - 2021.” Ten years in the making; the main purpose of this Project, is to cause irreparable and irreversible damage to the enemy’s ability to act—including offensive, as well as defensive measures.

The hardcover edition of “Foundations” is 606 pages with 537 citations (foot/end notes). This Project is Bible based, but not in any way in the manner that this is generally done. Instead of relying upon what others have said, this is done by going back to the original Hebrew and Greek; lifting the veil on the “translational tales,” many of which make little or no sense, and thus cannot possibly be true in any meaningful way.  Only Strong's original 1890 Concordance is utilized in order to avoid "modernization" errors.

Volume I "Foundations," is concerned with the analysis of that which logically must be; and that which must then necessarily follow. Genesis 1:1, and the scientific "Big Bang," represent the very same event, but from different perspectives. God could not have resided in a realm prior to its existence; thus proving the existence of this other realm whence came the Universe.

The understanding of this other realm, and its effects on the material realm; is critical in order for man to perform his role as tsâbâ', in order to râdâh and kâbash the earth. These are God's own words and instructions in the original Hebrew.

Volume I is named as such, because in order to understand that which is contained in Volume II “Acts,”  there is much “foundational” information that needs to be not merely known, but truly understood.

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ISBN: 978-1-948219-33-4
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Publication date: February 12, 2021 
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